Friday, September 3, 2010

Les Twins Dancing

OMG so i must say this twins are super AMAZING! That word is probably and understatement. Their style is just so unique and just so sick. Watching them dance is a must! and to top it off, they are twins!! They are just so cute together and i love their hair lol. You just have to check them out. They are from France and they know how to get down! lol

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I've Been Waiting For - Lorine Chia

So I'm going to need everyone who views this blog to check this out. It's a song written by Lorine Chia. The beat is by Ratatat so you already know it's going to be good. Please check it out. I've Been Waiting For by Lorine Chia
Click Here to Hear An Amazing Song

This right here is my little sister. She is the best little 5 year old that you could ever get to know. Even though she get's on my nerves asking for stuff she is just too dope so i had to take this picture of her and post it up.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Andy Boot

This picture brings back memories from Toy Story. So far i don't think i've ever met someone that hates that movie

Interview W/ Jevon Smith (Maker of Valor Candy)

First of all i'd like to thank you for letting us interview you .:)

1.Tell us about yourself.Age,DOB etc .

Age 17, Born April 5th 1993 and uhh yeah : ].
2.How do you educate yourself more about fashion ?
I educate myself about fashion by reading books. Sounds stupid but it's true, you can learn a lot from the fashion in the past. Right now I'm reading Fashion The Twentieth Century by Francois Banudot. I suggest anyone thats into fashion should read it. If your planing on getting into the fashion business you have to know about the past. Also I've taken some classes down at Fashion Institute of Technology which really helps.

3.What in your life motivates you the most ?
Some of the things that motivates me the most is music and art. Reason being is it could just help you through a lot, and motivate you to succeed in what you want to do. Some might be thinking how could art motivate someone well... Me personally it's because it just sets the mood. The type of art that motivates me is defiantly graffiti. I love graffiti so much!

4.At what point in life did you realize that you wanted to be part of the fashion industry ?

Well since I was younger coming into school dressing "Fresh" has always been on my mind and a must. But being in the fashion industry never really hit me until early High School.

5.What helps you deal with the problems in life that most teenagers frequently face ?

Keeping to myself. That really helps. Like drama wise, I tend to try and stay away from it or try keeping to myself.

6.Do you plan on going to a fashion based college ?

Totally! I already have a school picked out. I can't wait to attend fashion college.

7.What other hobbies interest you besides fashion ?

DJing is another hobby I like to do. I was going to buy some DJ stuff recently but thats going to have to wait considering I'm working on my accessory line "Valor Candy."

8.Define Success and Happiness as you see it ?

Success I would define as, doing something you love and love to wake up to it everyday. Also staying true to yourself and not letting the success change your life in a negative prospective. Happiness I would say, loving life everyday and taking advantage of it because the next day isn't always promised.

9.In your lifetime what do you hope to have pursued ?

I hope to pursue a very successful career in fashion. And later expanding it to DJing.

10.How did you come up with your brand named Valor Candy? and why start off with watches ?

This is my favorite question out of all of them. Friends of mine ask what's the meaning behind "Valor Candy"

Valor meaning "great courage in the face of danger, esp. in battle" This is more dealing with the war sense of danger. But I've taken that and applied that to life its self.

When facing a problem or facing "danger" you have to have "courage" to overcome that problem. Thats the basic rundown of the "Valor" part. Candy... well I've always wanted to name my line that since I was 12. Lol. So "Valor Candy" came about. Watches because male and female can rock them and look good in it. Its not meant for just one sex. Its meant for all.

As you can see Jevon is headed for sucess in the future and we wish him the best of luck. Also check out Valor Candy and get yourself one of these dope watches. Jevon's Blog

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Penguin Suit

Now this little kid right here is just too adorable in this penguin suit. I wonder if he was happy wearing that and what he was looking at. Children are adorable. Well some anyway.

Who We Are .

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