Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Artists, Bands, & Duos

This right here is a list of artists, duos, and bands i think people should get hip to. If you like the whle indie type of style and music then this is a list for you. My personal faves are Santogold, Metric, Death Cab for Cutie, and Tegan & Sara. So when ever you get the chance, or you're bored looking for new, dope music, go ahead and check them out.


  1. ooo you have good taste in music
    im personally a fan of metric, death cab for cutie, and the killers...ill have to check out the others..

    do you listen to fall out boy, all time low, mayday parade, all american rejects, nickelback, kings of leon, flyleaf, paramore or the fray..they're like the cream of the crop to me..love em

  2. yess!! i love them all except for all time low cuz ive havent heard of em much but i will check them out..thank you =D

  3. great group of bands, out of all of your choices I would have to say that the killers are my favorite!



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